"Siberia and Him" coming in 2017

A story of a child who believes that love is for everybody. So happy to share this message of love, tolerance and acceptence with the world. There is a place for everyone on my planet.

"Dmitry is a husband and young father, living an ordinary life in a run-down town in Siberia, Russia. Trapped in a life of routine, falsehood, and monotony, he is seeking a real connection. His wife’s younger brother Sasha, an audacious free spirit, turns his world upside down when the two enter into a forbidden affair. Forced by family circumstances, the two men set out on a journey into the mountains. As they travel through the dramatic landscapes of Siberia, Dmitry and Sasha take a chance to rediscover the nature of their relationship" 


"The Prettiest Lora"

This film is a dream-scape of aesthetic beauty. Painful and loud, yet personal and honest. A woman with just as many misfortunes as fortunes, Lora opposes the domination of her employer and past sexual partners, marking the epoch of her new life. The film was shot primarily in an abandoned hotel in the financial district of Manhattan, adding immensely to the dreamlike and surreal qualities of the film.